CET Nonel Firing Device

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The NEILSTID Firing Device is a mechanical device designed to reliably detonate explosive charges initiated by non-electric shock tube. The design is totally enclosed to protect the internal mechanism from the operational environment. The firing mechanism consists of two completely independent firing pins and provides for a truly redundant system. The safety mechanism is designed to be simple, yet foolproof in operation.

Proof of success

The NEILSTID firing device was developed over a 15-year period with input from Special Forces operators. The device has been tested in training and successfully used in combat operations in Iraq. Reports from the field unanimously confirm the NEILSTID is superior to any other firing device currently in use by Special Forces.

Product life cycle

Due to the rugged and simple design of this device, it will last for many years under normal use.


This device has a very simple, yet positive safety. When used correctly, this device is safer than any firing device currently in use.


This design is protected under a Patent Pending status.

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