Wiggys Desert Bag



I was working with a Marine Corps major in 1989 till 1992 when he was reassigned. He personally used my bags as he was a mountaineer. When the gulf war was immanent he asked if I could make a bag that would fit a particular pocket of the ALICE backpack. The bag was the Desert bag. He ordered 200. A down sized version of the Nautilus. 80 inches long, 31 inches wide at the top tapering to 27 inches at the foot. The war ended very quickly so they were never sent to the Middle East, instead they were sent to 29 Palms, CA. Marine base. They spent 30 days in the field. Imagine my surprise when I found out 200 young men all wearing the same clothing, eating the same food, involved in the same activity for a month. The lowest temperature they encountered was 28 or 29 degrees F. All were very happy. A test of a product in the civilian world like that is impossible.

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