CET Tourniquet Retention Device



Tourniquet Retention Device (TRD) Product Description
The Tourniquet Retention Device (TRD) was designed out of necessity by a Special Forces 18D (Special Operations Medical Sergeant). When his detachment was issued the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) he noticed a shortfall, they were issued without a pouch or means to secure the CAT to his gear. The Tourniquet is a life saving device and should be worn where it is readily accessible and not stowed in a backpack or a rucksack.

The Tourniquet Retention Device (TRD) is the solution. It was designed to be MOLLE compatible, readily accessible and to be worn on the wearers non-firing side. The unique design of the Tourniquet Retention Device (TRD) allows the wearer or the person rendering aid to remove the Combat Application Tourniquet from the Tourniquet Retention Device (TRD) in two easy steps: 1) Pull down on the lower elastic retention webbing and 2) Pull the tourniquet from the upper elastic retention webbing. This can be done quickly with either one or two hands.

The Tourniquet Retention Device (TRD) is 100% American made from 1000 denier nylon and it is a mission critical compliment to the Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT).

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