SPO 12 inch Cutting Rod (BX-25) (25 pieces)



The exothermic cutting rod, (Hot Rod) offers a unique, no-hazmat, reliable and fast ignition for tactical breaching or rescue operations. Using the exothermic cutting torch technology, the SETS Silent Entry Torch System or single bottle configuration provides operators with the option of using either a conventional rod-style cutting or a kerie cable-style cutting torch. Switching between cutting options is easily accomplished with user friendly quick disconnects. The exothermic cutting rod is a self-consuming metal rod that ignites only using a 9V battery. The rods offer a 1 for 1 of cutting or better. The Hot Rod varies in size from 18, 24, 36 and 48. The rods can be bent or curved depending on any type of mission and still deliver great results. Additional System Features Quick disconnect fitting Hansen cutting handle 9V Battery Power Ignition100% made in the USA

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