BTI Explosive Breaching Door



The patented BTI Explosive Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve explosive breaching of inward opening doors. The Explosive Breaching Door can be installed into a structure or utilized with the optional Free Standing Kit as shown.

The Explosive Breaching Door is designed to operate with typical operational weight pushing charges of 250 to 350 grains RDX. This door is ideal for training involving placement of charges in addition to entry tactics.

This door can be reset in a matter of seconds, resulting in no training down time. The door comes complete with mounting lugs for securing into structures. The BTI Explosive Breaching Door is highly cost effective when compared to the use of actual doors and jury-rigged systems.


*1-Year manufacturers warranty.
*Virtually indestructible HDPE skin for longevity and damage tolerance.
*Standard one-year materials and workmanship warranty.
*Provisions for mounting into structures of opportunity or live-fire houses.
*A cost effective Explosive training tool for inward opening doors.
*Can be used with optional Free Standing Kit for versatility.

Explosive Breaching Door Variants:

*Explosive Breaching Door, Standard (Item #ED)
*Explosive Breaching Door, Reverse Opening (Item #EROD)

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