BTI Breaching Door Pins



Breaching Pins are used in the Ram, Pry and Explosive Breaching Doors. These patented engineered pins are an integral part of the REAL LIFE breach training systems provided by BTI.

The Pins are designed to break at specific strengths that replicate the forces normally encountered in actual breaching operations.

Depending on the number of lock sets being simulated, one to three pins are utilized during each breach. Pins can be replaced in a matter of seconds, which means no training down time.

Reinforced Pins can be used to create an unbreachable primary entry point, resulting in a scenario that calls for secondary breach points. Please note that Reinforced Pins are not recommended for use with the BTI Pry Breaching Door.

Breaching Door Pin Variants:

Wood (clear) - #PINW: Break point is approx. 450 psi. Replicates a wood frame lock.
Metal (blue) - #PINM: Break point is approx. 600 psi. Replicates a metal frame lock.
Reinforced (red) - #PINF: Break point is approx. 900 psi. Replicates a reinforced frame lock.
Explosive (green) - #PINE: The BTI Explosive Pin is specifically designed for use in the Strip-Lock, Strip and standard BTI Explosive Breaching Doors.

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